Friday, September 29, 2006

Illustration Friday - Quiet

This week's topic is Quiet. There are several sketches in my sketchbook which I think are related to this topic.

The first one has origin in Turkey, namely in Alanya, last year. This is old cemetery , right in the middle of the town. Next behind this wall is busy, really crowded beach, but here was divine silence. It was something I was suprised by - this quiet. You can feel it there and I feel it each time I see this picture. There was nothing, only tombs, sun-dried grass, me and quiet.
What is interesting, too, you can see different tombstones used for gender , man and woman. Done in watercolors and watercolors pencils.

Next picture depicted a small pond, somewhere in Slovakia, Tomky, Záhorie. I was on the way to my client when suddenly before my eyes was opened this view .That week, I remember, was very quick and busy, so when I see this view I was overhelmed by peace and quiet of this place. I stopped the car, take out my watercolor kit and made this quick sketch. I am sure I could not find this place today again, but this quiet stay for me in this sketch forever.

The third picture is from Thailand. It was so : When you are on the beach you are target of beach dwellers sellings various things. If you think that if you buy something and it is over - you are wrong! Like flies have some right direction to the pot of honey, these unsuccesfull (until yet) dwellers find way directly to you. I know they are poor and I don´t want be rude, but I know ,too, I cannot save the whole world. So there was some moment I found some thai newspapers you cannot read any word there and found this picture, start drawing it and there was curious thing - they sit around in semicircle and waiting in quiet until I finished . There was something strange, I am no artist who easy draw between unrelated people, but here ... there was no problem, I was concentrated on this picture. By the way, from this moment they don´t disturb me with selling (they want to see my drawings :-) )

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Prague again

Last week including weekend was so busy , so I am back in Prague. There are pictures depicted several "house signs" on Nerudova street.It is for this moment my excuse for EDM challenge "store", because these signs were often signs of shops located in this house , or family names, or something similar.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Prague weekend

The summer is quite over , so where can I spent last summer weekend ? I am sure I told you sometimes somewhere in this blog : I love Prague. If you will have this possibility , please don´t miss it. Prague is lovely town, especially Old town- but not only there. Your eyes can see this (view to a Prague Castle over the river Vltava) :
Or something like this ( view from Carl´s bridge) :

Or this , in better quality , of course . This is sketch of Carl´s Bridge from opposite site , from Malá Strana , done in watercolor and inkpen.
Buildings on Malá Strana are interesting , too. You can feel history from each and every corner.

From my sketchblock :
This sketch is memory of visiting Dan Landa muzical "Tajemstvi" (Mystery) , which is dark story about curse of family, about love and hate,about paralell quests from past and present, muzical full of knights and werevolves, about mystery game, with dynamic muzic and good artists. And with surprising end.
For afternoon tea (but not only tea) I recommend visit to a probably the best Prague tearoom "U zeleného čaje" ( "At Green Tea") on Nerudova street. Here, in haze of fragrant tea you forget tourist crowded streets outside. As you can see on my jasmin tea picture, you can draw , too.

Last but not least.EDMC #84- Draw a bread. This is a quick sketch from old Czech pub "U provaznice" done with inkpen and PITT pen.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Illustration Friday - farm

My contribution to Illustration Friday´s topic of this week "farm". Here is depicted salaš , place where in Slovakia on hill´s meadows was sheeps and cattle for long period of the year, in english probably sheep-cote. Shepherd´s hut , this small wooden house, has name koliba. Shepherds (valasi) and boss (bača) not only take care for sheeps (favourite meal of bears and wolves) but in next door sheep´s chees diary make a various products from sheep´s milk, mostly bryndza , which is a special type of soft sheep cheese, absolutly necessary for slovak national meal Bryndzové halušky (some type of potato gnocchi) ! Fabulous is oštiepok, hard sheep cheese, dry smoked .
It was hard work,but adventure & romantic in one. When I was 5 years old, I run away from home because I want to be a bača :-)

The picture is pen&ink, watercolor pencils and watercolors.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Theatrical masks from Myra

In this post I return to Myra, ancient town of Lycia (now in Turkey). As you know from previous post, the facade of the Roman amphitheatre in Myra was richly decorated with theatrical masks and mythological scenes.Now it is in ruins and everywhere around are lying stones with faces, most of them not damaged, very artistic and nice.