Monday, May 15, 2006

Sioux tagged me ! 5 things

I’ve been tagged by Sioux to write five things in my refrigerator, car and closet. I must admit , I was a little confused, who on this world will be interested in content of my fridge, huh ?. I am a ordinary man, so I have nothing special...But, OK , for this fun I make it.

So, here it is.

5 things in my refrigerator , beside standard things ,yoghurts ,cheeses and vegetables :
- mustards can find there 8 various kinds of mustards at this moment , ... Hot english, barbecue , honey mustard, wasabi, ....I simply love it. I love cooking, grilling, etc. So it belong to it,isn´t it ?
- Thai ingredients for cooking , sweet chilli sauce, fish sauce,satay sauce,plum sauce,coconut milk....because ...did I say you that I love cooking ?
- coffee , ground bean coffee, Guatemala Grand Cru , 100% mild arabica in bio quality in air tight container...I preserve coffee in fridge , I think it will stay fresh for longer time
- salami, for this moment 3 various types there , because... I am not a vegetarian
-a few glasses of yummy pickle young corn ears , hand made by my sister

5 things in my car :
- a small canister with 6l of fuel..for the case I or somebody will need it.
-a startin´ cables...for the case know it :-)
- a small re-chargable battery light
- map of Bratislava and Slovakia, because I need it to my work
- small plush mouse from my daughter (because her diminutive name you can read like ´small mouse´)

5 things in my closet :
- suitcase ( in fact 3) , ready for next holiday or trip
- coats, jackets and winter coats.....thank God it is spring now !
- sweaters in tight vacuumsealed bags
- boxes of summer things ( snorkels, twins, hats,..) and boxes with winter things ( hats, gloves..)
- rechargeable vacuum cleaner , ready for use

Enough for me, I tag Alison and Nina for fun .

Saturday, May 13, 2006

EDM#66 : Fire hydrant :-) or some city mobiliar

I know this is not fire hydrant :-). It seems like a good idea to draw fire hydrant . Unfortunatelly , we have not fire hydrants on the streets in our country ( especially those like you can see in american films). Our firemen bring cars with cisterns of water in case of fire. Or in public buildings are some "red box" with some hose ,but nothing spectacular.
I promise I will look for some hydrant to draw .

The alternative was to draw some city mobiliar. This is one of the lamps on Hviezdoslav Square (Hviezdoslavovo námestie ) in Bratislava ( are placed the US and German embassy in Slovakia ) , drawn today (ouch : in public , on full crowded square ) with ink pen and watercolor pencils&penbrush.
The second picture is the same location , another corner of Hviezdoslav Square , another time , done in fountain pen from windows of McD .

Illustration Friday - FAT

What about a true animal star ?

Next pictures are from my "holiday " collection :-)
Everything done in watercolor pencil.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

EDM#65 : Noses

The topic of this EDMC was funny. Drawing "the nose" alone is quite strange , when is missing some "links" to eyes, lips, the rest of face. Each nose is unique , and sometimes drawing of the nose look other way than in reality.
My reality linked to the nose today is ...suffering . It is second week when some flowers or trees are blooming and my eyes and nose are full of tears .

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

EDM#64 : Sink

Here it is ! Our bathroom sink.
I think I must practice more, especially on shining chrome and shadows on the white porcelain.
Done in ink pen and watercolour pencils.

Monday, May 01, 2006

EDM#63 : Nature walk find

This is another my daily sketchbook´s picture from time of my holiday. Now I am glad I made it, because you can not take out shells and corals from country Egypt. This rule is not valid for these in your sketchbook :-)
Done in ink pen and watercolor pencils.